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Why You Need to Replace your Federal Pacific Breaker Panel

Federal Pacific breaker panel

Your circuit breaker panel protects your home from problems caused by external power surges, circuit overload, and short circuits. A breaker cuts off the power to a circuit by tripping when it detects a circuit overload. Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) was one of the most common manufacturers of circuit breaker panels in North America […]

What You Need to Know About a Backup Generator

Most of the time, we can’t predict when an emergency is going to happen. But, what you can do in the event of one is to be prepared. We all have had experiences with power outages in our homes, and we know the inconveniences that come with it. But there is an easy way to […]

Lighting Suited for Every Room In Your Home

No matter the space, your lighting should only amplify it. However, one light does not fit all of the rooms in your home. What you need in your living room will differ from your needs in the bathroom. The intensity, hues, placement, and fixtures of your lights can make or break your space. Bathroom Lighting […]

3 Electrical Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

Before investing in a new home or property, there are many things you ask yourself and the current owner before fully committing. It’s important to be sure about your new home, but that means you have to know the right questions to ask. We have created a small list of general, good-to-know electrical questions to […]

3 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

Today, your home can be on its way to being more self-sufficient. Access to smarter devices and technology has never been so readily available for everyone, and we can be there every step of the way. Take advantage of these tools to put you on the track to having a smarter home and a more […]