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While we try to be as efficient as we can be, how long you will be out of power will be dependent on several factors. A few of them include but are not limited to the type of service being provided, your city’s power company hours, and local codes. However, you will never be without power overnight, or when our team is not currently at work. For certain jobs, we will provide a generator while we work to ensure your AC cooling system is still running. These questions can be answered by your sales representative during your initial evaluation. We have a provided chart of the most frequent services and the average time your home will be out of power.

Type of ServiceHow Long Power Will Be Off
RewiringNot without power
Changing Weather Mast Pole4 Hours
Panel Change1 Day
Removing Panel – Same Spot1 Day
Removing Panel – Different Spot2-3 Days

For the majority of our services, holes will have to be cut into the walls. While we avoid this when we can, in the case we need to, we always try to cut stud to stud for the easiest replacement. When cuts are made, we are not responsible for sheetrock repair but will recommend our partner company Punch List Pros to replace and rework any cuts made.

We offer a one year warranty for our services provided. For a specific part warranty, we follow the manufacturer warranty. Be sure to ask your technician or refer to the manufacturer website for further information.

If your home is equipped with a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), you do run a risk of a breaker malfunction and fire. Due to its hazards it has not been operating as a company for many years. In the case that your home does have one, please call or inquire us to make sure it is running properly and that it meets all current safety standards.

Depending on the job at hand, our typical services can last from 1 day to 1-1 ½ weeks. During your home and service evaluation, your sales representative will give you a more accurate estimate of how long your home service will take.

Upon your initial evaluation, your sales representative will evaluate your needs and be able to recommend a time for when you can be serviced. There will be circumstances such as small troubleshooting issues that can be fixed the same day by your sales representative, but the majority of work and jobs will be scheduled after the initial evaluation.

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