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Lighting Suited for Every Room In Your Home

No matter the space, your lighting should only amplify it. However, one light does not fit all of the rooms in your home. What you need in your living room will differ from your needs in the bathroom. The intensity, hues, placement, and fixtures of your lights can make or break your space.

Bathroom Lighting

We have all been to a bathroom that’s had more than unflattering lighting. Let’s try to avoid that by not only getting the right colored lights but putting them in the right place. The mirror is most typically the focal point that you look at, or use, every time you go to the bathroom. Be sure to have the lights in your bathroom pointing away from the mirror, to avoid unwanted shadows. It’s also important to think about the fixtures or sconces you will use. Your bathroom can get real steamy, and have high moisture levels. Some materials are not the best suited for this and will show wear and rust when exposed to this over a period of time. We suggest sticking to glass or steel for long-lasting use and looks. For the clearest lighting, we also suggest leaning more towards a white light, that will mimic natural light.

Kitchen Lighting

Your kitchen is where you spend a lot of your time in your home, and while you might not always make the best decisions while in there, you can count on yourselves and us to make the right choice when it comes to kitchen lighting. While the size of your kitchen will vary, most will need several types of lighting to properly illuminate every spot. We have broken it down into three categories from which you can choose based on your needs and wants.

1. Ambient Lighting

This will be the light that will be the basis of light for your kitchen. So, dependent on the size of your kitchen and how much natural light it receives, it’s important to have this light be big enough or illuminate the most to cover your whole kitchen. The best option for this type of lighting is for it to go on your ceiling. Whether it’s a fixture or even recessed lighting, find a light that will distribute light evenly throughout your space.

2. Work Area Lighting

Several key areas in your kitchen will need their special lighting. For example, over the stovetop, and the kitchen island. Your ambient lighting will likely cause shadows over these spaces if you don’t have more lights installed. We recommend installing lighting, such as strip lighting, over any additional areas that might need extra attention and focus.

Living Room Lighting

Your living room can be the coziest place in your home second to your bedroom. Having lighting that extends your comfort level is important. This is also a space that has many functions, and therefore, your lights should be able to change for every occasion. Because of this, we recommend adjustable beams. The beams will make sure to illuminate the whole space, but also change and accommodate the different uses of your space. It might be a good idea to invest in some SMART lighting for your home, to make changing the mood and atmosphere just that much more easy.

Hallway Lighting

Hallway lighting is arguably one of the most important lighting safety features you can have in your home. Whether you are walking around at night, or you have guests over who are unfamiliar with your home layout, adding in hallway lighting can ensure that everyone can see where they are going and make sure they get to where they need to go safely. While just having lighting fixtures is great, we say that having automatic, sensor lighting is the way to go. It’s no longer a black or white situation, you can have light when you need it and have them shut off when they are not in use. This will save you worry about accidents, and can even help you save some money on your electric bill.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can have both aesthetic and safety purposes for your home. We have broken down some of the most common types of lighting, and what they can add to your outdoor spaces.

1. Pathway lighting

Just like hallway lighting, it’s a good measure to have additional lighting on your walkways. It keeps everyone safe from tripping and falling and just makes your home look more welcoming. Motion sensor lights are a great option for this, in the same way, hallway motion sensor lights would work. Be sure to keep your lights evenly spaced out for the best visual outcome.

2. Entryway lights

Entryway lights are a great way to make your home seem more inviting. They are also one of the most important safety features when it comes to outdoor lighting. Adding lighting such as flood lights will alert you to anyone approaching your door.

Lighting is one of the most personal and important choices you can make for your home or commercial business. Your lighting will determine the overall look and feel of your spaces. So there is no need to stay in the dark any longer about your best choices. Call us today for us to give our expert recommendations and suggestions for your unique home lighting today.


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