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Harmless or High-Risk? Which Common Electrical Problems Should You be Concerned About?

May is National Electrical Safety Month, and in honor of that, we have compiled a list of the most common household electrical issues and what should be of concern to you.
As a preface, the smartest idea is to contact us with any questions or problems, we are more than happy to help.

When handling any materials that are connected to power or that conduct electricity, always handle them with caution.

Electrical Surges, Sags, and Dips

Rating: Potential High-Risk 

Electrical surges come from an extra charge, or an overvoltage, in your electrical circuits. When this happens, the most common effect people experience is having their appliances and devices go on and off. Sags and Dips are related to surges, but they create what is called brownouts. People who have brownouts typically experience dimming of lights, to then suddenly regain their full brightness again. 

If you are experiencing electrical surges or having brownouts in your home, this can be a situation that can potentially become dangerous. Your devices and appliances, if having too much electricity flow through them, could break down, overheat, and or start a fire. 

It is important to call a technician immediately as soon as you start to see the signs of a surge or a brownout to prevent further damage to your belongings and home. 

Broken Light Switches

Rating: Relatively Harmless

We all know the irritation of a light switch giving out on us. The good news: it’s most likely a small troubleshooting issue that you can attempt to fix yourself. An improper light switch can be a result of defective or old parts or even a mistake in the installation. Changing out a light switch is a relatively simple thing to do at home. Here is a video to change one, and if you at any point are concerned or have questions, follow up with one of our certified technicians. Be sure to read or watch through instructions carefully and take every precaution recommended. 

Dead or Warm Outlets

Rating: Potential High-Risk 

First, it’s important to recognize when you do have a dead outlet on your hands. If the power is on in your house, and you are sure that your USB cord is facing the right way in the charging block (we know you did this 20 times already), then you most likely have a dead outlet on your hands. What most people just right off as an inconvenience, can be a risk to your home. Dead outlets can be due to a faulty wiring system or the outlet experiencing burnout; either of which can spark a fire. 

Warm outlets are another concern. Outlets are specifically designed in a way that protects them from overheating. When an outlet is used for some time, it can start to heat a little bit. But, once your outlet becomes hot, it is important to stop using it immediately. Then, call us, your professional electricians, to identify the problem.

Short Circuit Issues

Rating: Relatively Harmless 

When you’re drying your hair, and all of a sudden your hairdryer dies on you… It’s probably because of a short circuit. When everything else appears to be working normally and your one appliance or device suddenly stops working, you can try an easy fix by resetting your breaker. This itself is a low-risk task, in which the problem can most likely be solved. If this does not work, it’s best to refer to a professional to ensure this is not a larger issue. Our team can help you every step of the way, and can even do small troubleshooting for you on the same day.

Electrical safety is the utmost priority when dealing with any electrical problems in the home. While some issues are more low-risk than others, all electrical troubles can potentially lead to a bigger, more dangerous one. Always refer to your professional electricians for any problems you may be having. 


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